About Us

Since I was a kid I've always had an eye for cartooning and graphic design. Back in Jan. 2016, I was online and saw a picture of a gun.  Throughout my life, I've probably seen millions of images of guns.   This time, I just happened to see the gun differently.  To me, the trigger and trigger guard looked like an eye.  Interesting ... 

What would happen if I I added a second gun and flipped it the other way? Sure enough, I saw a face. To make it even more like a face, I needed a mouth.  I could draw one in, or wait ... what about a mustache?  So I simply added a mustache and the first GUNHEAD was born. Here's the first design.

first design

Right away, I thought this looked pretty cool.   I wondered if I could change the positions of the guns to create different faces.   Sure enough, it worked.   By moving the guns, I created not only different faces but different personalities to the faces.  By pointing them in, out, up or down as well as crossed I could create a happy or angry feeling.

The next step was to add different mouths.  I tried a bunch and finally added a smile.  This seemed to fit perfectly.  It created even more looks and personalities.  

next design element


See the difference?  A totally new personality.  This experimenting continued for a while.  Some changes didn't work while others looked great.  So what's next.  Well, these are basically all male faces.  What about a female face?  Would it work too?

To create the female face it was pretty obvious.  It needed lips and eyelashes or so I thought.  So I started with the image on the left.    After looking at it, I realized the lashes just weren't needed.  I was making it too complicated.  The bright red lips tell the story so I got rid of the eye lashes.


So now I had some designs giving the same guns different looks, I moved on to trying different kinds of guns.   I searched online and downloaded every gun I could find.  Some worked ... some didn't.  For me, the coolest gun I tried was the Micro Uzi.  It just worked (still my favorite design to this day).


What Now?

So now I have a bunch of cool designs what do I do with them?  Hmmm ... what about doing some t-shirts?  So I researched how to get them made through print on demand and set up a website.   Initially, I called them GunFaces.  Kind of told the story but it was too obvious so I wasn't big on the name.

For me, I wanted to give people a great product so I choose a great quality shirt and had a few samples made.  I was so excited when they arrived.  Man, they looked cool.  They came out just as I imagined.

I put on the first design, the "Guns Out" mustache shirt.  Later that day, I had to go to Walmart to pick something up.  I was literally in there no more than 10mins.  In that time, 4 complete strangers came up to me and either said things like "cool shirt", "awesome shirt", "nice shirt" etc.  Think about it, how many times in your life have you worn a piece of clothing and numerous complete strangers came up to you and to say things like that?  Never ...

Because of this, I knew I was on to something but how do I get it out there?   Keep in mind, in early 2016, Facebook and YouTube were the main social media platforms.  So thinking this was going to be a no brainer, I ran some ads on Facebook.   I sold a few T-shirts but it was a total let down.  My ad cost plus the cost to produce them wasn't making any money.  Without a huge ad budget, I shut down the site and scrapped the whole thing.  Bummer ...

The Resurrection

Over the years, I've never stopped thinking about the designs and how those complete strangers commented on them when I wore that t-shirt.  In Dec. of 2022, I decided to bring them back:

- I reworked all the designs and added some new ones.

- I chose a new print on demand company to make them.

- Great quality shirts are cheaper now.

- There are more avenues for social media like Instagram and TikTok.

- Nowadays people are willing to pay more for a cool t-shirt.

- Choose a new name: GUNHEADS

All of these things combined makes this do-able again.  So here we are ...  It's 2023, and I have a new site, new name and new excitement to show the world my designs.  Launched March 2023.

The Future

Over the next weeks/months, I'm going to see how the products are received.  If successful, I have tons of new designs to release as well as new products to print them on.

FYI - These designs are not just for gun lovers.   The gun lovers I've shown them too think they're really cool so of course, that could be a good market.  To me, I see the art and humor in the designs.  I see anyone whether young, old, male female wearing them.  Imagine how kick ass your grandma would be with her GUNHEADS t-shirt on sipping her tea out of an Uzi mug.  So cool ...

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or send in pics or videos of you wearing your GUNHEADS clothing and I will post it on the site and on our social media accounts. 

Thanks so much for checking us out.